Cross Stitch from Wits End Design
The Weekend Help One Another Event is one that has been around for a while.  Those that participate say it is very helpful with views and hearts.  To post in the thread -- you must be willing to promote at least one listing from each of the previous 4 posts. 
 On the first day, you can post once in the thread with up to 3 listings.  You can earn a bonus post to be posted the next day if you promote one from all the posts in the thread.  A new thread is opened every Friday -- ending on Sunday night.
Heart Cross Necklace from Ornate Treasures

 We encourage you to have at least one social outlet like Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, but if you don't have any of those, you can simply heart and view.   Another way to promote is to create a treasury including listings from the thread.  If you have Pinterest, there is a CASTTEAM Pinterest group board that you can join.  If you are tweeting, another helpful idea is to add the hashtag #castteam to your tweets and others will retweet your tweets.  You also can search by #castteam on twitter and quickly do some retweets.  You can join in or read the full instructions to this weeks thread  here.
Bible Scripture Cards by Bella Boutique23
I've included a few listings which were posted in this weeks help thread.  If you have a few minutes check out these CASTTEAM shops. 

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On November 5, 2014 at 10:26 AM , Lorrie Esposito said...

I love seeing all of the fun, new items from fellow CAST. I highly recommend doing the Weekend Promo for more exposure for your shop.

On November 6, 2014 at 1:23 PM , Handiworkin' Girls said...

Definitely agree with Lorrie! :) The promo is a great way to see what's new in the team shops and sharing favorites on Pinterest or WeHeartIt is just as much fun.