Did you read what this painting from Jennifer says?

Our strength, ability to grow and thrive, minister and well...
 apparently everything 
comes from being attached to our Heavenly Father.

For grapes the nourishment comes from the roots 
and up the stem
into the fruit.
For us it is no different.
If we are firmly rooted in the Word of God
we will be nourished and fed.

If we seek His will in each new day 
His joy will be ours.

I also love the word abiding.
It is a very comforting word.
This verse talks about a mutual togetherness.
Love it.

Don't get plucked from the vine before you are
fully ripe and sweet.
Stay under His protection.
When the birds of worry, doubt and fear assail-
hold on.

Hold on until you offer that wonderfully sweet fragrance
of ripened fruit.
Have you walked under a grape arbor filled with 
ripe concord grapes?
There is nothing to compare.
At one point when I was a young wife and 
mother I attended a ladies Bible Study at the home
of another woman in our church.
Just before you entered her kitchen door 
there was a grape arbor.
Everyone who came in walked under 
the fragrant grapes.
We all had to comment on it.
Some of us just wanted to reach out an 
partake of this goodness.
The sweet aroma was evident and made an impact.
Our prayers of supplication and praise are a wonderful
aroma to Him.
Our lives lived with Him should be pleasant to those
we come in contact with each day.
May our faith and joy inspire those we meet to want 
what we have.
And then may we have the courage and love 
to share our connection and life source.

Walk with Him today.
Stay connected.

It is life.


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