I was outside walking my dog this night and noticed a storm rolling in. The clouds were way off in the distance but by the end of my walk they had descended upon me. Seeing the clouds is something I take for granted, but on this night it brought to mind all the ways clouds appear in the bible.
In Easton's Bible Dictionary it says:
The Hebrew so rendered means "a covering," because clouds cover the sky. The word is used as a symbol of the Divine presence, as indicating the splendour of that glory which it conceals (Exodus 16:10 ; 33:9 ; Numbers 11:25 ; 12:5 ; Job 22:14 ; Psalms 18:11 ). A "cloud without rain" is a proverbial saying, denoting a man who does not keep his promise ( Proverbs 16:15 ; Isaiah 18:425:5 ; Jude 1:12 ). A cloud is the figure of that which is transitory ( Job 30:15 ; Hosea 6:4 ). A bright cloud is the symbolical seat of the Divine presence (Ex.29:42,43; 1 Kings 8:10 ; 2 Chr 5:14 ;Ezekiel 43:4 ), and was called the Shechinah (q.v.). Jehovah came down upon Sinai in a cloud (Exodus 19:9 ); and the cloud filled the court around the tabernacle in the wilderness so that Moses could not enter it ( Exodus 40:34 Exodus 40:35 ). At the dedication of the temple also the cloud "filled the house of the Lord" ( 1 Kings 8:10 ). Thus in like manner when Christ comes the second time he is described as coming "in the clouds" ( Matthew 17:5 ; 24:30 ; Acts 1:9 Acts 1:11 ). False teachers are likened unto clouds carried about with a tempest ( 2 Peter 2:17 ). The infirmities of old age, which come one after another, are compared by Solomon to "clouds returning after the rain" (Eccl 12:2 ). The blotting out of sins is like the sudden disappearance of threatening clouds from the sky ( Isaiah 44:22 ).
Cloud, the pillar of, was the glory-cloud which indicated God's presence leading the ransomed people through the wilderness ( Exodus 13:22 ; Exodus 33:9 Exodus 33:10 ). This pillar preceded the people as they marched, resting on the ark ( Exodus 13:21 ; 40:36 ). By night it became a pillar of fire ( Numbers 9:17-23 ).
The definition of a cloud being a covering made me think of all the ways that we cover ourselves and why.
We cover our bodies, heads, hands, feet and eyes to stay dry, stay warm, to protect them and keep them from harm
Put things of value inside a cover of secrecy as in a safe, jewel box, drawer, cabinet whether to hide it, or keep it safe
We cover things that are precious to us just as the Lord covered Himself and His Precious Son in clouds.
I still have that giddy expectation of seeing Him in the clouds meeting Him in the air: 
Rev 1:7 Behold He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him.
1 Thess 4:17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.The New King James Version. (1982)

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