. . . . eventually.

Bonnie, our team Captain, asked me to post a quick announcement about the CAST Yahoo Group. She will be keeping the Yahoo Group open so that she has the option to e-mail all Yahoo Group members at one time. The CAST Yahoo Group may close entirely if Etsy implements group convo capabilities in the future.

However, Bonnie will be closing the Yahoo discussions as there is no good way to keep spam out of our inboxes over there.

I know there are some who really enjoy the Yahoo format, but we hope everyone will take the opportunity to come over to the new CAST Team Format on Etsy and join in our various CAST discussion threads there. Unlike in the past when we just had a profile page with a list of team members, we now have a dedicated area of Etsy with our own forums, a much nicer way to browse CAST Shops and links with the possibility of more capabilities to be added later. Come try it out!

by Sue of SueRunyonDesigns

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On December 7, 2010 at 11:08 PM , pfd said...

Sounds good to me... I have trouble keeping up with it all!